Abortion ban in the US : we need to dismantle christian supremacy

Anti-abortion activism is a christian war on women. It is a crusade.

Solveig Mineo
3 min readJun 25, 2022

Like millions of people, I am revolted by the disaster that just happened. Abortion is no longer a constitutional right in the US. This means the end of bodily autonomy, torture and death for many women in several American states. This decision will allow the various states to prohibit any form of abortion whatever the reason and the circumstances, including rape and serious health problems. The country is sent fifty years back to the situation in force before the emblematic “Roe v. Wade” judgement from 1973, when each state was free to authorize abortion or not. This catastrophe is not a surprise. The christian lobby has been announcing its intentions for decades. The abortion ban is a direct application of the christian supremacist ideology and it is a direct consequence of christian activism in the US. The Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe because the Supreme Court is now in the hands of christian conservatives. Giving power to christians always results in fewer rights for women.

In the West, anti-abortion activism is and has always been entirely motivated, justified, structured, funded and organized by christian militants. Christianity is the ideological spine of the anti-abortion movement. Anti-abortion activism is a christian war on women. It is a crusade.

Christian supremacy is the ideological elephant in the room that almost no one dares to talk about. There is practically no political narrative in the West about christian supremacy and its consequences on Western politics. White countries have been living under christian theocracy for more than 1500 years, the quasi-entirety of western bourgeoisie is composed of conservative christians and leftist christians, the vast majority of western politicians were raised in christianity, most medias are in christian hands, but we are supposed to believe that christianity is not central to understanding power dynamics in western politics ?

In the West, only the occidentalists give a central importance to that topic, which causes their exclusion and silencing by both christian conservatives and christian leftists. But this repression will not last infinitely. While western bourgeois desperately grasp onto their century-old ragged christian supremacy, western people happily escape from christianity and refuse to return to the church they had been forced to go to for centuries. The gap between the christian bourgeoisie and the secular population is becoming wider everyday, and the christian bourgeoisie will not be eternally able to muzzle antichristian discourse.

Christian supremacy is the main cause of the past and present persecution of women in the Western world. Many important human rights and feminist organizations remain silent about the christian nature of anti-abortion laws. Planned Parenthood itself systematically avoids uttering the name of the ideology behind every attack on women’s rights in the US. They would probably endure financial retaliation and big face political obstacles if they did so, because the christian lobby is not just the Republicans who are openly anti-choice, but also the countless christian Democrats and other leftists who refuse that their cult face any accountability

Women are being sacrificed to preserve the bourgeois consensus around the preservation of christian interests, both on the left and among the conservatives.

Sparing the egos of christian supremacists led us to no appeasement : it only resulted in more christian impunity and entitlement. If we want to ensure bodily autonomy for women and the overall respect of human rights, we must dismantle christian supremacy.