Miscarriage : in order to give life, women’s bodies need to give death

In Italian culture, coral has been used from time immemorial to protect women from miscarriage and push the Evil Eye away (Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash)

Spontaneous abortion is a scary experience and it was also feared by our female ancestors. Miscarriage is a major source of anxiety for pregnant women eager to conceive a child. After a miscarriage, many women experience various feelings such as sadness, grief, guilt, shame, lower self-esteem, emptiness, or anxiety about their fertility. Feeling sad or anxious after a loss is inevitable, but we could significantly improve the mental and emotional recovery of women if we normalized conversation about miscarriage and stopped christian disinformation about spontaneous abortion and women’s fertility.

The burden of shame and the christian fear-mongering about spontaneous and medicalized abortions

Experiencing negative emotions such as sadness, grief or anxiety is a normal thing since miscarriage is a brutal encounter with death in the precise moment when we deeply want to welcome life. One month after miscarriage, a third of women have post-traumatic stress. Nine month after, the rate is still 18 percent. Depression is also frequent.

Sadness after a loss cannot be avoided but several things could be avoided : shame, stigma, and misinformation.

A US survey conducted in 2016 found that 41 percent of women who had a miscarriage believed it was because of something they did wrong and 47 percent felt guilty. In countries ruled by christian sharia law, women literally risk being sent to jail for a miscarriage, because conservative christians regard women as evil witches who abort just for fun.

All around the world, christian organizations spend millions of dollars bombarding women with anti-abortion propaganda. They portray abortion as an abnormality and a monstrosity. They terrorize women by diffusing the lie that abortion causes sterility. They call women who abort murderers.

Anti-abortion propaganda constantly hides a simple truth : abortion is a normal part of most women’s lives, whether the abortion has been decided by the woman’s consciousness or by her body.

Quite often, abortion is half a conscious choice, half nature’s choice. When a severe deformity is diagnosed, it generally means that the chances of survival of the fetus are very low. In that situation most women chose medicalized abortion, to avoid suffering even more by losing naturally their baby at an extremely advanced stage of pregnancy.

A very common procedure when in vitro fetal death or full miscarriage happens in the first semester is dilation and curettage (D&C). This is the same procedure as for abortion on demand. Fear-mongering about abortion on demand is also fear-mongering about miscarriage healthcare.

Christian anti-abortion lobbyists are so cruel to miscarrying women that they recently introduced a bill asking doctors to mentally torture miscarrying women by forcing them to prolong the agony of their embryos. A 2020 Ohio bill orders doctors to ‘reimplant ectopic pregnancy’ or face ‘abortion murder’ charges. This procedure has never been successful in the history of science and is considered impossible. An ectopic pregnancy is a pathological pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus, generally in the Fallopian tube. The embryo never survives and if the body fails to perform a spontaneous abortion early enough or no medical abortion is performed on the woman, then the woman is at high risk of dying or losing the ability to conceive. Forcing doctors to attempt an impossible reimplantation instead of just performing the abortion and letting the woman move on with her life and get pregnant again later if she wants to, is just pure gynophobia.

Spontaneous abortion is THE MOST COMMON outcome of conception

Miscarriage is way more common than what people think. The 2016 survey showed that on average, American people estimate that 6 percent of pregnancies end up miscarrying. In reality, recent research shows that “most human pregnancies end in miscarriage”. Yes. You heard it right. Most of them.

Miscarriage “is not an abnormality, it’s the norm,” says geneticist William Richard Rice of the University of California.

Spontaneous abortions are beneficial to women’s health and fertility

Most spontaneous abortions remain unnoticed because they happen at an early stage. The invisible to the naked eye embryo is evacuated during menstruation as if nothing happened. The earlier miscarriage happens, the better it is for the woman’s health and fertility. Spontaneous abortions happen when our body detects that something is wrong. Human females have the biggest rate of miscarriage in the entire mammal class because human pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare cost us huge amounts of energy and time and expose us to fatal hazards.

If our body detects that something is wrong, an immune response is triggered and abortion is caused. That way, we avoid death or severe injury, or extreme loss of resources. Since women can get pregnant every month, they can easily make new attempts of conception. If a miscarriage happens within the first eight weeks of pregnancy, it usually takes 4–6 weeks for menstruation to return. It is possible to be fertile again immediately after a miscarriage, meaning a woman can become pregnant even before their menstruation returns. If it is a late miscarriage, ovulation takes a few weeks more to come back, but it is still a relatively fast process.

Pregnancy costs a lot of energy to women. Humans have a big skull and a narrow pelvis, which increases the risk of fatal complications during childbirth, compared to many other species. Then, once the baby is born, it takes a very long time before the little human can walk, defend himself and find food by himself. Having babies is very costly to women. That’s why evolution favored women who easily miscarry.

Although miscarriage is an emotionally painful experience, it is a life-saving decision made by our body to protect our health and allow us to become a mother in a safer way a little bit later. Miscarriage, aka spontaneous abortion, is healthcare provided by our body. On-demand abortion is healthcare provided by doctors. Both spontaneous and on-demand abortion are part of the lives of billions of women. If you want to become a mother and had any sort of abortion, please always remember that abortion is one of the many steps of the life of most mothers. In order to give life, women’s bodies need to give death.




Heresiarch of polyist feminism. Liberal pagan.

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Solveig Mineo

Solveig Mineo

Heresiarch of polyist feminism. Liberal pagan.

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