Why French Christian Conservatives Support Putin’s Tyranny

In France, as well as in many Western countries, the biggest political support to Putin’s tyranny can be found amongst Christian conservatives. They revere Putin like a saint and they accuse any person critiquing the Russian government of being a satanic propagandist paid by the US government. Recently, the two main Christian conservative parties of France (RN and Reconquête), have expressed their support to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, extolling the virtues of Vladimir Putin, portraying him as a hero of “traditional values”. How can they claim to be the most patriotic political camp of the country, and at the same time support a foreign country with such fanatical passion ?

The answer is quite simple. Since the French Revolution, conservative Catholics have had the same dream : the dream of a foreign Christian country invading France to restore the French Catholic elite to the throne French people have overthrown. 232 years have passed since the French Revolution, but after 232 years, the French Christian Bourgeoisie still cannot handle the truth : French people do not want to live in a Christian theocracy and Catholicism is not the “identity” of French people. Pissing in a stoup is much more a French tradition than any of the countless Christian rituals that have been enforced onto the population for centuries under pain of death, and that the French people have thrown away as soon as they could.

During the French Revolution, the reactionary Catholic party begged the other European monarchies to invade France. When the nazis invaded France during World War II, a significant part of the catholic bourgeoisie was delighted. They called the nazi invasion a divine surprise because, for them, it meant the restoration of the catholic conservative supremacy, with the accession to power of Philippe Petain.

Now, France is one of the key pillars of the European Union, a political organization created to ensure peace, democracy, and respect for human rights in Europe. Catholic conservatives hate the European Union because this organization makes the return of fascism significantly harder.

When Christian conservatives support the invasion of Ukraine, they express their deepest dream, the dream of an invasion of Western Europe by the ones they perceive as the soldiers of Christ, sent by God to punish the peoples of Occident who committed the ultimate sin by rebelling against 1500 years of enforced Christian tyranny.



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Solveig Mineo

Solveig Mineo

Heresiarch of polyist feminism. Liberal pagan.